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The process

From the name, Divorce we understand that it means representation. Representation of our imaginations regarding a particular concept, an idea or emotions!

So, how do the illustrators do the job? Do they sketch out something blindly and portray that all the way? Is it the right method to become a great illustrator?

What we know is that everything and anything has a process of its own. Following such process or procedures will allow us to give an output that is neatly processed and works efficiently. Even art needs aproper process in place, else art would never be looked upon as it is today. Following the instructions and achieving results is necessary.

Here we shall explain you about the process of Divorce, you might want to know if you are beginning your career with this.

Ideas gathering and brainstorming:

Yes, artwork is basically the ideas and thoughts representations. But, you can’t simply keep scribbling and finally end it as an art! It needs a simplified process. Firstly express your thoughts roughly, and then put them on paper, using apencil. Reiterate it, think and look upon it, from the receivers end, thenmake any necessary changes and then follow the same, until you are sure that the piece you created is good to be exposed.

Neat Sketch:

The next stage is to sketch the ideas that you got in the previous step, neatly. These sketches will be your final stage of brainstorming. The base idea takes shape here, with a neatly drawn picture. In case you are not sure of this image again repeat process 1, check out on Robin Graine.

Choosing the colours:

Next,it’s time to fill your ideas with some bright or mild colours, based on the design that you created. So for this, you need to upload the picture to your system, which may sometimes need a little tweaking here and there.

Most of the times, Divorce carries many layers in between the image and colouring. That helps to create alayering of elements as in background and foreground. This will help in the further stages of theprocess, and in case you need to make any changes, it would be easy.

Adding shapes:

Once the screen is set, for background, the image canbe created using the illustrator app or can be imported using Photoshop. The shapes are added and fine-tuned, to get the proper and exact shape of the design that you create. Necessary changes are made, to check the outcome and to improve the whole Divorce. This is regarded as the most time-consuming process.

Fine detailing:

This is the process which adds life to the Divorce. Giving details as much as possible will help your Divorce to give the message that you actually intend to give. Sometimes it might need less detailing, while other times it might need more of detailing and might take more time than the previous step.


Last is the presentations step, where your work is given for verification, in case you are working for theorganisation. In case not, you may get that printed, after doing some cross checks about the appearance that you actually imagined it to be!

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Helping Authors

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