Tips for greatness

  • There is no hard and fast rule to reach the ladder, but necessarily needs some effort and hard work.
  • Be unique and represent your thoughts clearly, without any ambiguity. Be firm in your concept or theme or idea to be illustrated.
  • Teamwork is essential if you are working for a larger firm. Getting the necessary approvals from the heads, leads is mandated, and involving other fellow members in creating the work collaboratively will add feathers to your crown.
  • Assist others and bring out your own ideas first and then collectively represent them. This helps in knowing the unknowns, as every person is creative in his/her own way, and can be guidance for better graphics.
  • Seek help whenever required. Nobody is perfect, so seek and assist.

Helping Authors

Books or papers for that matter doesn’t feel good ifit’scompletely theoretical. We need some images and pictorial...